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Moving to Dallas



Why Dallas is the Best City in Texas


Upgrade your quality of life down here in Dallas and enjoy our active communal feel, beautiful parks and surroundings, milder winters, and thriving city.  Come see for yourself how our city blends Southern charm with cosmopolitan sophistication.

The Ohr HaTorah community is uniquely warm, close knit and welcoming. Our classes, services and programs engage an eclectic and multi-generational community. 

The Dallas Kollel has been here for close to thirty years and brings the sound of Torah day and night to our community! Our Talented Yungeleit are here to learn with the community every night!

Dallas has excellent and diverse job opportunities. Our economy is robust with major corporate headquarters such as Exxon Mobile, Southwest Airlines, AT&T and many others. We have a team of people ready to help out with jobs. 

Our  shul is within close proximity to leading academic and medical institutions such as Baylor University, UNT College.

The low cost of living and affordable housing (3/4-bedroom homes starts at  $400K), no state income tax, means more time for family and personal growth.

With only a 15 minute drive to downtown Dallas, ten minutes to Dallas Love Airport, say goodby to spending your day stuck in traffic!




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